Cheryl Fernandez-Versini thinks it's a ''good time'' to be a woman.

The 'Crazy Stupid Love' hitmaker - who married Jean-Bernard in a secret ceremony in July this earlier - loves being a 31-year-old woman in today's society.

She told MTV UK: ''It's a good time being a woman in your 30s. I think you fit in your own skin.''

Cheryl is due to release her fourth solo album, 'Only Human', next month and has revealed that she's not worried about where it lands in the charts.

She said: ''I'm at that point in my life and my career where I just love what I do.

''It's not about chart positions anymore, it's not about any of that. It's just about putting out music that you believe in and that you love and sending out a message that you want to send out.''

Meanwhile, the former-Girls Aloud star previously admitted that her short break from music had changed her attitude towards life in the public eye and her portrayal in the media.

She recently explained: ''I kind of developed an F-you attitude. [The media are] going to write stuff, doesn't matter what I do you're going to write c**p, you're going to make stuff up, you're going to sensationalise stuff.

''So I may as well do what I love and you're still gonna write it anyway.''

She added: ''I hadn't stopped for ten years so I needed that break to re-evaluate life, do normal things, simple things - be with the dogs - just enjoy life and enjoy what I'd achieved.

''Even sometimes when you're achieving and you're on this treadmill you don't even appreciate it or understand it fully, because you're onto the next thing already. I just got numb to it all, I got numb to life.''