The countdown to Christmas can officially begin because The X Factor live shows have again graced our Saturday night screens. As we count the Saturdays to Santa’s big day, Cheryl, Simon and co. are counting down their days to the big win.

Cheryl Fernandez-VersiniSeasoned judge Cheryl will only back the X Factor act she thinks should win

However, Mrs Fernandez-Versini has recently revealed that she only wants to have the winning act if they deserve to be at the top spot.

Mentoring the groups, she admits that they are "the best groups we’ve ever had" but explains that if the act isn’t right, they’re not going to win.

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Speaking to The Sunday Express, the 32-year-old judge said: "You get passionate and protective of your acts, and that’s normal, but I only want to win if I have the right act.

"It has to be an act I really believe has the ability to have major success and live their dream, not one that can’t go further.

"Whichever category they are in - whoever they ‘belong’ to - doesn’t really matter."

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Alongside newest judges, Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and singer Rita Ora, Cheryl admits that they are having a lot of fun.

She said: "We’re having so much fun - maybe more so than we probably should be!"

"Ultimately, we all want to have a great season and to have someone great win who deserves it."