Cheryl Fernandez-Versini isn't planning to have children any time ''soon''.

The 'Crazy Stupid Love' hitmaker has revealed her and beau Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini have no plans as of yet to add to their family because she's too ''knackered'' being an auntie.

When asked if she was getting broody, she replied: ''No. I have 12 nieces and nephews of all ages and I love them all to bits but it's exhausting.

''Any aunt knows one of the best things is that after all your fun you can hand them back to their parents. It's knackering.

''So, no, I'm enjoying life as an aunt - that's not changing any time soon. Bobby's laughter is the most infectious thing in the world. I'm his auntie Chezza although there's been no word on godmother yet.''

And by not planning a baby, the 32-year-old beauty has been able to indulge in a party lifestyle.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''I do have a weakness for shots. I always start out with just a cocktail, then another, then I ask for the shots and that's that.

''Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh are the best to go out with. I can tell Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora are going to be trouble too on nights out.

''I do have my nights in as well with JB. It depends what mood I'm in. I like a glass of red wine, watching a bit of 'Corrie'.''