Drama has erupted between Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole after the singer’s sacking from the US X Factor.

The former Girls Aloud singer was taken off the show in May, after filming just two audition episodes, allegedly because American audiences could not keep up with her Geordie accent. The incident seemed to have blown over, with two judges having taken Cheryl’s place on the show after her departure. However, now it looks like it won’t all be smooth sailing for Simon Cowell. Cole has filed a claim with Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that according to her contract, she is entitled to the money for the show’s second season, as well as a sizeable list of perks. The star wants reimbursement for the cost of bodyguards, flights to LA, as well as wardrobe and stylists for the show, among other things.

Simon Cowell’s legal representatives, on the other hand, maintain that Cole has already been overcompensated, having been paid for a full season of appearances on X Factor, despite only doing two episodes. With the legal proceedings in full swing, it looks like Simon and Cheryl’s personal relationship has been under strain. Both of the stars have a lot on the line with this case. Cowell has taken personal responsibility for the firing and, according to some sources, “could be deposed” if the case goes wrong. Alternatively, if Cole loses, she will be faced with a mountain of legal fees”. Cheryl has allegedly been offered to return to the show, after falling ratings since her departure.