Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper have piqued the interest of their fans after a tweet from one of the rappers gave away that the pair could be working on a collaborative EP. Childish Gambino tweeted "now that chance finally released his verse on "worst guys", maybe he can hurry up and finish the rest of our EP #hinthint."

The day after Chance debuted his unreleased verse for Gambino's 'The Worst Guys,' the 'Heartbeat' star took to Twitter to tease their fans with word of a possible joint release. There is no word on when the project will arrive, but hopefully Childish's nudging will see things moving in the right way as soon as possible.

Having seen Chance's name on Gambino's Because The Internet song, it was naturally assumed that the Chicago hip hop star would be featured in a verse until fans realised that all they'd be getting was a hook. However, performing yesterday at the Governor's Ball, Childish welcomed Chance onstage to perform the previously-unheard lyrics from the track.

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Speaking at the NYC festival yesterday, Childish, AKA Donald Glover, explained "There's only a hook because this n***a doesn't hand in verses," as he motioned to Chance, who took to the stage alongside him, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

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Chance's verse includes a couple of references to the Outkast rapper Andre 3000, who just happened to be watching the show, having headlined the festival with Big Boi the previous night. The pair also took advantage of both being on stage by performing their other collaboration, 'Favorite Song,' which Chance the Rapper had already performed earlier that day during his solo set.

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Childish Gambino Has Strongly Hinted At A Future Collaboration EP With Chance The Rapper.