Chipmunk is looking for a "self-confident" girlfriend.

The 20-year-old rapper - real name Jahmaal Fyffe - is currently single, and insists he is more interested in a girl's personality than her appearance.

He said: "In a girl, I look for self-confidence, ambition, friendliness and someone who's beautiful inside and out.

"There isn't a particular look that I go for. You know, I just like nice people. A nice person will always win me over."

The 'ChiP Diddy Chip' hitmaker has several tattoos, but insists he didn't choose to have the inkings in order to attract more attention to himself.

He said: "I get a lot of female attention about my tattoos, but my look isn't for the ladies, it's more for myself."

While he insists he doesn't have a "type" of girl he likes, Chipmunk recently praised Rihanna as a "hottie" and revealed he had helped her move around in a crowded club.

He said: "Rihanna is a real hottie. I bumped into her in a club when she was having difficulty getting to the toilet because of all the people there.

"So I was a gentleman and helped her get past, not because it was Rihanna, but because I like to have good manners.

"As she went by, she looked up and said, 'Chipmunk!' It was pretty cool that she knew me and she was proper nice. I like the long, red hair, though she's even better with it short."