Chloe Grace Moretz split with boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham last month, after the teens enjoyed a short-lived summer romance. But before the split it seems Brooklyn joined Chloe on her Teen Vogue magazine shoot and a shot of the former couple hugging has made the cover.

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In the cover pic Chloe is seen hugging a male with brown hair who sports a Yeah Baby hat, the same one Brooklyn was frequently pictured wearing during the summer months.

Inside the issue Chloe is interviewed by her mentor and 2013 Carrie costar Julianne Moore and the 19-year-old appears to hint at the difficulties in maintaining a relationship in the spotlight.

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“Especially right now, in my newer relationship with my boyfriend [Brooklyn Beckham]. We’ll go out and there will be 15 paparazzi and we’re just going to a grocery store," she said.

“We are real people and we’re having real emotional experiences, and all this is happening around us. Trying to keep ourselves in our own little world is difficult.”

The actress then went on to discuss Brooklyn’s budding career as a photographer. “I would definitely be more than happy to be shot by him any day,” she said. “He’s grown up understanding a lot of the artistic sides of different industries, from his mom’s to his dad’s to now his own as an artist.”

As for the struggles of a long-distance romance, Chloe said: “Getting into a relationship with someone who also has lived some of their life between cities, from L.A. to New York to London, is easier."

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"We both understand that there will be times when we can’t speak because we are too busy. Some of it is just based on trust. If you feel that you can trust each other and go eight hours without talking, then you have something that can withstand space and time.”

Chloe and Brooklyn’s split was reported by Page Six in August. Sources told the website that over the past few weeks the teenagers had been in the same city, but they were no longer spending time together.