Chloe Sevigny has never thrown away any of her clothes.

The 38-year-old designer admits she has an ''unhealthy attachment'' to her wardrobe, but can't bear to get rid of anything.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I have an unhealthy attachment to my wardrobe collection. I have everything in storage - Miuccia Prada told me never to throw anything out. So there are the Halloween costumes, the dress I wore to prom, a pair of striped stockings that I wore on the first day of school.''

However, Chloe admits there are some items she won't be wearing again now she is getting older.

She said: ''[Age concerns] have begun to come into it a little bit. It's those classic things that are common to most women as you get older. Can I still wear this short skirt? These shorty shorts? You know, I don't want to walk around in a body-con sausage dress anymore.''

The 'Kids' actress admitted she always puts thought into what she wears because she doesn't want to ''disappoint'' her fans.

She said: ''Before the paparazzi entered the deal, I could just go out, but even then I didn't want to disappoint kids who saw me, who might be like, 'Why's she looking so schlumpy?' So if I'm photographed in the street going about my day, I still want to look semi-cool and that's kind of difficult, having to deal with that pressure.''