When 18.12.2012

Miami Heat basketball player Chris Bosh hosts a 'Christmas With Chris Bosh' party at the 'Santa Bosh Workshop' in Miami. The venue is full of toys and children and Chris announces to everyone that they are going to play some games later. His wife, Adrienne Nicole Williams, and young daughter, Trinity, are also at the event.

Bosh is interviewed by a reporter at the event who asks what his Christmases were like as a child. 'We always ate over at my aunt's house on Christmas Eve and we'd open gifts and things but that's like the Christmas gifts your cousins and your aunts and stuff gives you so I got a lot of sweaters that I never wore', he said. He is also asked why his Twitter profile says he is 'The coolest dude alive'. 'I like to keep things simple', he says. 'It's like a frame of mind and my way of life; cool, calm and collected.' He also comments on the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut before he is seen playing some sort of ball game with the children.


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