Rapper Chris Brown’s trial began in Washington D.C. this week, after his bodyguard Chris Hollosy had just been found guilty of misdemeanour assault charges related to the same incident. 

Chris BrownIt's a not so happy Easter for Chris Brown as his trial begins

Brown has been awaiting trail on misdemeanour assault charges which stem from a 2013 altercation with a fan outside a Washington DC hotel. It is alleged that the 24 year old stuck the fan, named Parker Adams, on a sidewalk where he had been posing for pictures.

Brown’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy was also charged in connection with the incident. His trial took place last week and Brown’s was ordered to begin as soon as the Hollosy verdict was in. Now Hollosy has been found guilty things are looking bleaker for the troubled rapper who has been jailed since March 14 after he was kicked out of the second rehab program for rules violations.

Chris BrownBrown's bodyguard has just been found guilty

One witness in the Hollosy trail, Harvard University student Jalen Garrison, testified that she and a friend were posing for photos on the sidewalk with Brown when Adams, tried to snap his own photo with the rapper, Brown got upset, telling Adams, "I don't like that gay s***,”. She then testified that the rapper lunged at Adams and hit him the face.

Trial judge Patricia Wynn, who also decided Hollosy’s case, said she believed the testimony of a limousine driver who said Brown hit Adams before Hollosy attacked. The driver testified that he witnessed Brown and Hollosy hit Adams with the bodyguard pulling Brown away before throwing his own punch - Adams, he said, did not hit back.

Chris BrownBrown's trail is expected to begin anytime now

If found guilty, Brown could receive probation in the District of Columbia, but a Los Angeles judge is waiting on the verdict before deciding whether the singer will remain jailed in California. If he’s acquitted Brown’s lawyer will have the chance to argue that he should be allowed to make his own way back to California for a probation hearing. If not, Brown will have to take another ride on "Con Air," the federal inmate transport system. With Hollosy’s verdict in, Brown’s trail is now free to begin today.

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