The scandal surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna has lead to the cancellation of his South American gig in Guyana on December 26, as women's rights group express concerns due to his conviction for physically abusing his then girlfriend. 

Fans have been confused as to Brown and Rihanna's seemingly rekindled relationship; the pair have since been seen together in public, hugging and kissing, and, perhaps most surprising of all, have recently worked together on a song, which will feature on Rihanna's new album, Unapologetic. Rihanna even tweeted in support of Brown when he was facing probation hearings due to being tested positive for marijuana. The judge, however, found that his actions did not breach the terms of his probation. Groups of South American Women's Rights protesters, though, don't seem to be as tolerant of domestic abuse as others, and have forced their hand, causing Brown to withdraw from his Boxing Day gig, citing discomfort with the protests, The Daily Mail reports.

Despite being inked with contentious tattoos, which seemed to depict the image of a beaten women, and being tested positive for drugs despite being in the public eye more often than not, Brown is making steps to rehabilitate his reputation; he attended violence counselling to improve on his personal life, and has been working on new music to further boost his public profile. Many ardent Rihanna fans, though, remain dubious as to their seeming reconciliation.