Chris Brown violated his probation once again this weekend when he allegedly punched a man who disrupted a photo he was posing for with two female fans. The Grammy-winner faced a judge in a Washington D.C. magistrates court early on Monday, 28 October, morning to plead his case and was at one point staring at a felony assault charge. Unsurprisingly, he was let off the hook, not for the first time.

Chris Brown
Brown has plenty to laugh about after getting off scott free again

This is the latest legal run-in that Brown has had since he beat Rihanna before the 2009 Grammy Awards, an offence he is still on probation for, and after two violent run-ins and a hit and run incident, Chris is still free to walk the streets like an upstanding citizen. Seriously though, what does he have to do to face jail time? Brown is slowly becoming the new OJ Simpson and its starting to get a little ridiculous.

The reason Brown was let off the hook yet again was because of conflicting statements from the victim and Brown's own representatives, with the victim alleging that Brown confronted and attacked him outside of his tour bus. According to TMZ, who broke the story, Brown allegedly got into a heated argument with the victim, told him "I'm not down with that gay s**t, I'm into boxing," and then punched him in the nose. He then stood behind his bodyguard, who was also detained, and allowed him to punch the guy in the face again, yelling "Yeah, walk away."

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We wonder what he will get away with next

According to Brown's representative, this isn't what happened at all. Instead, they claim that Brown was sat on his tour bus when the victim attempted to gain access into the vehicle, at which point his bodyguard "handled it."

Other reports also state that Brown may have been let off the hook because of a typo on the police report filed after the incident on Sunday (27 Oct.) morning. Kind of reminds you of the episode of The Sopranos when Dr Melfi gets attacked and her assailant is let off scott free because of a beaurocratic error. We're not saying Brown's assault was worse that Melfi's, just that the way the police mishandled the whole incident is kind of similar.

Both Chris and his bodyguard have had their charges reduced to a misdemeanour offence, and Chris has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim. They were both released after the court hearing, without bail. Chris was also ordered to take a drugs test, however that order was also rescinded by the judge and Brown was free to leave.

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The singer was greated by fans when he left the courthouse