Chris Brown has opened up about his past ''mistakes''.

The 'Yeah 3X' hitmaker - who was convicted of assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 - has revealed he is still paying the price for his crime.

Speaking on Hot 97's 'Ebro In The Morning' radio show about the assault, he said: ''So at the end of the day, I knew that was a mistake I would never make again, but I take into consideration like, dang, I was like 17, 18 - I'm 25 now.

''So I look back at it now like, dang, and I'm still doing community service and seeing the judge every month and a half over that situation.

''It's something that, in your personal life, you definitely wanna keep those skeletons in your closet but because I'm an artist like me, you gotta be public about it.''

The 25-year-old singer also admitted that he suffered from his own ''demons'' but found songwriting therapeutic.

He explained: ''Everybody has their own demons and their own skeletons, but it's only how they handle it after when it's showcased.

''Some people have great political speeches, I can't do that. I can talk about it like this. I can give you a great song.''

Meanwhile, Chris spoke up about his alleged feud with rapper Drake, who started dating Rihanna after the couple split.

He said: ''I'm content with who I am, so whoever decides to move on or do their thing, that's cool. You gotta consider that was in the thug Chris Brown era when I was...that was when I was all up on runnin' up on dudes.''

The star also admitted that he felt hurt by the 'Diamonds' hitmaker's decision.

He added: ''In a way I do...It's understandable. It's the game ... we do that at that age. I think once we hit our 30s, we're in a mature stage of life and we're not focusing on that.''