Chris Brown has taken to social media to stress that there was nothing sinister about images that emerged earlier this week of him with his hands around a woman’s neck.

The 28 year old singer, often a controversial figure, was photographed in Miami on Monday (March 26th) with hands around a woman’s throat, who appeared to look distressed in a number of images. Other pictures, however, do appear to show her smiling.

After Brown’s lawyer had not particularly done much to quell the discontent on social media by saying that what was going on was just “playful”, Brown decided to get involved himself and explain what happened.

Chris BrownChris Brown, performing live in June 2017, was snapped earlier this week with his hands apparently around a woman's throat

“THANKS for all the publicity today,” the star wrote on Thursday night, taking to Instagram. “Y’all know damn well I ain’t going down that road. There is no need to even defend myself on the matter. Everyone that’s around (girl/guy) are my HOMIES. NO FOUL PLAY… NO IGNORANT S**T. END of discussion. LOVE.”

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Somewhat cynically, he then captioned the image that he had screen-shot with the words: “Tour tickets available (and by the way, that’s Little Dicky)”. Make of that what you will.

Brown had previously been convicted of felony assault after hitting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, on the night before the Grammy Awards back in 2009. He was sentenced to five years’ probation, one year of domestic violence counselling and six months of community service.

After the images had emerged on Monday, Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos had released a short statement to TMZ to try to explain the situation away. “She’s a friend. It’s obviously playful as she confirmed,” he said.

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