It take an especially angry kind of guy to get kicked out of a rehab centre whose sole purpose is dealing with anger management issues, but that's exactly what happened to Chris Brown earlier this month. As his first stint in anger management clearly didn't work, the Los Angeles Probation Department have come up with a novel way of making him pay for his latest violent rage: by sending him back into anger management.

Chris Brown
Brown was kicked out of anger management for being too angry

According to TMZ, who broke the story, Brown was kicked out of the Malibu-based rehab centre after only two weeks after he allegedly flew into a violent rage whilst at the centre, with stuff getting thrown and rants being had. With Brown only in rehab as a sort of pleas bargain with the Probation Dept, when it was revealed that he was kicked out of the rehab facility it looked as though Brown had finally hit the end of the road and would at last end up in jail. This wasn't the case however, as Chris continues to avoid jail.

It was TMZ again who broke the story about Chris' second rehab visit, revealig that the LA Probation Dept. had recommended live-in anger management rehab as punishment and treatment for Brown. The judge presiding over yesterdays (20 Nov.) trial - he was in court for progress report in the Rihanna beating case - agreed with the probation team and ordered Brown to stay at rehab this time. No word on where Brown will be heading, but he will have to be in L.A. County and approved by his probation officers.

Chris Brown BETs
Now he is being ordered for more anger management

Brown might still not be in the clear yet though, as he has been given permission to fly to Washington D.C. for multiple court hearings on his criminal assault case. The L.A. judge wants a report on the D.C. incident too, which could spell bad news for Chris, and may even land him in jail, although history would tell us otherwise.

Chris Brown long
Will this man ever see the inside of a prison cell?