Chris Brown won't be facing criminal charges for grabbing a woman's cell phone from her as she tried to grab a snap of the controversial star, according to The Washington Post. And to be honest, with his history, we're kind of relieved that's all that happened. 

After there was no evidence that Brown intended to steal the phone, or that he deleted any content on the phone - two things that could have seen him arrested - Brown will not be in trouble with the police for his actions. He did, however, according to prosecutors, toss the phone out of his limo window, which you would have thought could land him with a charge, but alas, the law has spoken. Now you know: don't try and take a picture of Mr. Brown! A felony charge against Brown, 24, might have triggered a violation of his probation for his 2009 assault on singer Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time. The two have recently collaborated on a new duet, "Nobody's Business," and have been spotted out together in recent weeks.

Devon Blanche, the security man, told investigators he thought Brown was upset because "if photographs of himself with two females got out, it might cause him problems with Rihanna."