Chris Brown walked away from court on Wednesday, 8 January, after a hearing for his assault charge in Washington, D.C., pleading not guilty to the charge of simple assault. The controversy-courting singer was joined in the courtroom by his girlfriend Karreuche Tran, there for moral support, and his bodyguard Chris Hollosy, who is also being prosecuted in the same case.

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Brown is confident of his innocence and will test it out in court again

Both Chris and his bodyguard rejected a plea deal presented before them, after both were accused of assaulting a man outside of a D.C. hotel back in October last year. The incident allegedly occurred after the alleged assault victim photobombed a picture the singer was trying to take with two female fans, however the singer claims that the defendant tried to force his way on to his tour bus, along with the two women who were also trying to force their way on to the bus.

According to TMZ, Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos was also present in court with his client and he may have rejected the deal with the knowledge that there might not be enough evidence to support a conviction when Brown finds himself on trial again. Local law enforcement claim to be in possession of surveillance footage showing Brown involved in the brawl outside The W Hotel in the capital, however Geragos apparently believes otherwise, as he and his client engage the police in a high-risk game of chicken.

Chris Brown
The singer pleaded guilty to simple assault

Geragos apparently wants to see the video before cutting any kind of deal, but with the authorities unwilling to hand it over he has decided to call their bluff. This move could either work out to Brown's favour, seeing him get off scott free from the charge, or possibly end in the singer being sent to prison should the judge decide that the assault violates the terms of Brown's probation.

Since Brown refused to take the plea deal for the lesser charge of simple assault, the singer will now face a misdemeanour assault charge in court later this year. The charge carries a more severe penalty, but this shouldn't concern Chris if he really isn't guilty. More details on this case as they emerge.

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No date has been set for the misdemeanour court hearing