Chris Brown just seems to be having a hard time with staying out of trouble.

The 24 year-olds probation was revoked by a judge on Monday (Dec 15th) following his arrest in Washington D.C. this past October for alleged assault on male fan.

What does this mean for the 'Don't Wake Me Up Singer'?

Not much, instead of going to custody Brown will continue to do what he is currently doing.

He will still receive treatment at a rehabilitation facility for anger management and complete his 24 hour a week community service required from his 2009 assault on Rihanna, reports the Associated Press.

Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin cited information in the arrest report that presented enough evidence to prove Brown did not obey by the law which he is required to do while on probation.

The only reason the R&B singer was remanded into custody was due to the judge been happy with Chris's progress, he said, "Pleased he is doing well in the program and for that reason the court is not included to take the defendant into custody."

Brown will not be allowed to leave Los Angeles apart form a court hearing in D.C. concerning the assault case of January 8th 2014. He will also have to report back to Judge James for an update on his progress in rehab on February 10th.

Chris's assault charge stems from an incident this past October (27th) that occurred outside the W Hotel in the 500 block of 15th Street NW. Brown, along with his bodyguard, were arrested after allegedly punching a man who tried to jump into a photo with the singer.

Brown voluntarily checked into rehab following this arrest and was eventually released but would continue outgoing treatment. However a judge sentenced him back to rehab for a 3 month period due to his recent run-ins with the law.

The Court report, obtained by E!News, states the singer has "made improvements and positive behaviour change in the program since his arrival. He is participating in multiple daily group and individual therapy sessions, including anger management."

Chris is still serving 5-years' probation for pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

Chris Brown
Brown's probation was revoked by LA judge