Oh, Chris Brown. Breezy has been diagnosed with a mental disorder, which means we should all go easy on him for any odd and out of touch behavior. This one isn’t about his behavior though. Last week, when Brown was sentenced to a month in jail, after he was thrown out of rehab, it seemed like his goose was well and truly cooked. Those high-paid lawyers are a miracle in a tight spot, however, and Brown’s attorney apparently managed to make a deal.

Chris Brown
Breezy isn't going through the best time in his life, but this is one thing he won't have to worry about soon.

According to TMZ, Breezy’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, has found the lawyer for the man, who claims to have had his nose broken by Brown in D.C. and offered him a large amount of settlement money.

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The website claims that Geragos is pushing for a civil settlement and if the man in question agrees not to pursue the case, Brown could get off with no jail time and no rehab, essentially coming out of the case better than he went in. TMZ reports that the prosecutors are aware of the ongoing negotiations. So the entire case should be cleared up within a day or two, with everyone walking away satisfied. Sounds like it’s score 1:0 for team Breezy vs. the American justice system.

Chris Brown
The judge in the Rihanna case is likely to let Brown out of jail either this week or the next.