This year's Grammy Awards proved to be a confusing occasion. Frank Ocean, despite having been nominated for 6 awards walked away with only two, and was beaten by Mumford & Sons to best album. Very confusing. Perhaps more confusing though are the photos that have come to light of Adele seeming to have some very stern words with Chris Brown, DigitalSpy reports.

It's unclear what Adele was actually saying to Chris Brown, but there's plenty of things to call him out on. She may have been calling him out again about his beating of girlfriend Rihanna four years ago, or about his scuffle with Frank Ocean last week. She could have been criticising him for not joining in with the standing ovation when Frank Ocean justly won Best Contemporary Urban Album, beating Brown. Or, she might have been calling him names and telling him he's a terrible singer, but (while we begrudge saying it) he's a great singer and that would be unfair, and we'd loath to think of Adele as anything other than just in her actions. Of course, it could have been nothing, but that would be boring. 

Adele also won best performance of the night and showed up in an adorable red embroidered dress covered in flowers. The other big winner of the night was curve ball, Gotye who won best record and Best Pop/Duo performance for 'Somebody That I Used to Know' with Kimbra, plus Best Alternative Music Album for 'Mirrors'.