Chris Brown came home on Wednesday night (6th May) to find a naked woman in his bed. Unfortunately for Brown, the woman was a complete stranger and had been making herself very much at home in his Los Angeles house whilst he was away in Las Vegas.

Chris BrownChris Brown's home was reportedly broken into by a fan.

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Brown had been away in Vegas to watch the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight and only returned, along with his security crew, on Wednesday at around 9pm. Brown was in for an unpleasant surprise as he discovered women's clothes in the foyer and 'I Love You' spray painted on his kitchen counter, according to reports in TMZ. The woman, who even tucked into some food whilst she was there, was discovered naked in Brown's bed upstairs. The unnamed 21-year-old woman had also vandalised Brown's Rolls-Royce and Range Rover, spray painting 'Mrs. Brown' on both cars. 

Brown and his security team were understandably perturbed and immediately called the police. The woman was arrested and charged with felony vandalism and felony burglary. 

Brown also shared a picture of the woman on Instagram. In addition to the details reported by TMZ, Brown also claimed the woman had thrown away his daughter's clothes and his dog's toys and put "crazy voodoo things" in his house. 

On top of finding a strange woman camped out in his house, Brown has certainly had a busy week. The police were called to his Las Vegas hotel room after he reportedly assaulted a man in the early hours of Monday morning (4th May). Although he was facing charges for the assault, they were soon dropped as the man he allegedly hit decided not wish to pursue the matter further. 

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