The strange celebrity triangle between Chris Brown, Drake and Rihanna is so well known, clubs are starting to keep them apart. You would have thought having A-list celebs in your club could only be a positive, but not for Hollywood Nightclub, Playhouse.

And bravo to the playhouse for avoiding what probably would have been an ugly situation. It certainly was last time they were in the same vicinity as each other, when an almighty brawl broke out, ruining the V.I.P area at swanky SoHo nightclub W.I.P. Now Drake and Brown are suing each other for that fight, each hoping that if the French model – injured in the fracas – wins his lawsuit, they won’t have to pay up. To be fair to Drake, when he learnt he wasn’t getting in to the club due to Brown’s presence, he left without a fuss. "Bouncers sent Drake on his way Wednesday night because Chris Brown was already partying at a table inside and they wanted to avoid any possible brawl scenarios," a source told gossip site TMZ.

That near miss didn’t diffuse the headlines for the night, though, no way. Chris Brown and Rihanna’s recently reinstated relationship appears to be on the rocks already as they were reportedly ignoring each other, with some reports even suggesting Brown was rubbing his presence at the club in Riri’s face. That didn’t last long, did it?