Last night, Chris Brown showed us all his true colours once more, getting into an online spat that has reportedly led to him deleting his Twitter account.

The writer Jenny Johnson retweeted Brown’s post which said “I look old as f*ck! I’m only 23…” and added her own comment, saying “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.” Brown spotted Jenny’s comment and set about her with his own, pretty vulgar retorts.

Displaying little more than playground humour, Brown told her “take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE.” Quite rightly, Johnson pulled him up on the spelling of his insult, which should, of course, have been “ho.” You’d think Chris Brown would know that, as it’s probably a word he uses rather a lot, but it would appear otherwise. In response to her spelling lesson, Rihanna’s new best friend (again), then said to her “I should fart while ur giving me top.” Jenny replied “Your mom must be so proud of you.” To prove just how proud his mother really is, Brown then plumb new depths of vulgarity by saying “mom says hello... She told me not to shart in ur mouth, wanted me to sh*t right on the retina.”

Johnson tired of the exchange, surmising “Okay. I'm done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to sh*t and fart on me… I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.” Now, Chris Brown’s Twitter page is nowhere to be seen. For the record, Rihanna seems to have kept quiet on the matter.