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Ted EP
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Chris Clark Ted EP

Here he is again, Clark, off the back of the incredible album 'Body Riddle' with the 'Ted EP'. Lets see how he's getting on.

The EP opens with 'Ted', one of the focal points of 'Body Riddle', this is a stomping sinister hip-hop influenced track with all the right twists and turns. This is a tune that either completely elates you or destroys you. It's intense, brooding and vengeful. On the flipside of this is the Bibio rework, which is a folky, blissful sounding opus that washes over you like a childhood summer holiday, truly gorgeous. 'Bruise Animations' follows from this, keeping us sweet with some delicate melodies before plunging you very sharply back into his deep dark world. 'Mia Farrow' and 'Springtime animations take things on a more melancholic tip, but no less captivating. The EP closes with 'Cremation Drones', which sounds like Boards of Canada taking a stab at Clark's trademark atmospheric, that builds and builds into a twisted horrorscape.

This EP, short though it may be, is still a great piece of work, and has definitely cemented Clark in Warp's league of 'Big Boys'. No one sounds like Clark, and Clark sounds like no one else. Enjoy it whilst he's not plagued by copycats.

Thom Holmes

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