Chris Colfer sparked concern on the Glee set after reading a string of schizophrenia books while researching a creepy new film project.
The actor, who plays Kurt Hummel in the hit musical, buried his head in books about asylums and mental health disorders while writing a script for a new drama.
But Colfer admits the titles made his uneasy castmembers worried for his wellbeing.
Discussing his script, he tells, "This next one is definitely a genre change for me. It's not set in the high school world. For the first time, it's something I had to do a lot, a lot, a lot of research for before I started working. It's a period piece that takes place at an asylum in the early '30s.
"It's interesting because while I was doing my research I met with a UCLA professor to talk about different disorders and conditions of asylums back in the day and I got so many suggestive looks on the Glee set because I would have all my books with me. People kept asking, 'Chris, why are you reading books on asylums and schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder?' I think everyone thought I finally lost it when I was reading the Coping With Mental Illness book."