Singing TV star Chris Colfer feared for his safety while on tour with his GLEE castmates - after learning he is a sleepwalker.
The 20 year old discovered he suffers from the sleep disorder after embarking on a short trek across the U.S. with his co-stars last month (May10).
He was left terrified after waking up in the middle of an episode - and Colfer now worries he'll end up harming himself while wandering drowsily through a hotel.
He explains, "It (the tour) was a little rough for me because the first city I started sleepwalking, which is not a good thing to do when you're in a different city every night and there are fans at the lobby of the hotel.
"I was having this dream I was at dance rehearsal and literally I was in my hotel room dancing around, then my phone went off and I was like, 'Oh, I'm sleepwalking!'"