Attention Marvel fans! Captain America 3 is happening! It’s happening soon, in fact, as Marvel have just announced a release date for the third film. Who knew Cap could become such a global superstar! Given Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s record breaking box-office success, the studio has announced the first Avenger’s return for 2016. Marvel will release the as-of-yet-untitled Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016, according to Deadline. Fanboys and girls need not wonder why that date sounds familiar – this is also the release date for another high-profile superhero flick, DC’s Batman vs. Superman, the final title for which is alsp TBA at this point.

Captain America Still
Who wouldn't want more of this?

If that’s not a challenge that Marvel have issued there, we don’t know what is. But it looks like the studio can afford to. Unlike DC, who only have one movie from their potential franchise released at this point (and a not-too-successful one at that), Marvel have been cranking out Avengers flicks since 2004 and frequently reaching the billion dollar success mark with them.

Check out the Winter Soldier trailer below.