All thanks to a Super Bowl bet made in February, this Saturday 7th March the kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital were lucky enough to meet Captain America in the flesh. Chris Evans was accompanied by fellow superhero Chris Pratt, who is the star of another highly successful movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Evans in his Captain America attire.Chris Evans in his Captain America attire.

It was the pair’s second hospital visit after they placed a bet on which of their teams would win the Super Bowl in February. If Pratt’s team (the Seattle Seahawks) won, Evans had agreed to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America, while if Evans’ team (the New England Patriots) were successful, Pratt had promised to visit Christopher’s Haven, in Boston, as his Guardians of the Galaxy character, Star-Lord. Despite the win by Evans and the New England Patriots, the two men kept up both ends of their bargain and visited children at both hospitals dressed as their superhero counterparts.

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The Seattle Children’s Hospital tweeted that the actors’ visit will never be forgotten by the kids who met them, "Meeting Captain America and Star-Lord is an experience our patients will always remember…The kids were beyond excited." Amongst some of the children the superhero actors met was Oskar Beechum, age seven, who has been receiving epilepsy treatment for four months at Seattle Children’s Hospital. For 14-year-old Tyler Gower - who is being treated for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) - the shock of seeing his favourite superhero walk through the door rendered him speechless. Tyler's mother Allison revealed to the Seattle Children’s Hospital website  that “their visit made us feel special.”

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Evans and Pratt have done more than just make the children smile though; since January they have helped raise more than $27,000 for both the hospitals they visited in their superhero disguises. Evans made his feelings known, tweeting that he and Pratt had “met some TRUE super heroes!”