Chris Evans is without a doubt one of the most talented actors to come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the role of Captain America, he's managed to work his way into the hearts of audiences across the globe, and been partly responsible for some of the biggest box office numbers the superhero movie genre has ever seen.

Chris Evans has high hopes for the future of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseChris Evans has high hopes for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Now joined by the brilliant Chadwick Boseman in the MCU, who takes on the superhero role of Black Panther, the diversity and inclusion asked for by fans is something finally being taken into account by the bosses at Marvel Studios. Opening this past weekend in the United States, 'Black Panther' proved that it could be a major success and took in box office takings that would make it Marvel's second biggest opening ever. The film even sits with a near-perfect score of 97% on reviews aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.

With a person of colour leading a superhero film and proving they can make it one of the most beloved comic book movies of all time, things are looking good for the more diverse MCU releases of the next few years. They include the Brie Larson-led 'Captain Marvel', and Scarlett Johansson finally getting her own solo 'Black Widow' movie.

Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins have already proven women can do great fronting a superhero film, thanks to the DC Extended Universe's 'Wonder Woman', so it's going to be very exciting to see what Marvel can muster up in the coming years. Evans in particular thinks that the road is paved with gold.

Speaking with ET Canada, the actor said: "There’s nothing they can’t do man. I’m sure its going to have the exact same effect when 'Captain Marvel' comes out and when the 'Black Widow' movie comes out. Marvel just has the winning recipe, and they’re kind of one step ahead of everybody else. I mean just looking at them, and I was just looking at things this morning about these 'Black Panther' openings around the country this weekend and its gonna crush. Its gonna crush! Marvel knows what they’re doing. They find great people. I just feel very humbled and lucky to be part of it."

The actor is right in that the MCU seem to have the perfect formula to make their films a success. It's not something shared by the filmmakers of the DCEU, with only 'Wonder Woman' from their releases to-date making a positive impact with the critics. Still, with everything still to play for in the future, there's always room for more successful releases from BOTH superhero universes. Pitting them against one another serves nobody well.

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'Black Panther' is in cinemas now. We'll bring you more news surrounding the MCU as and when we get it.