New ‘Top Gear’ host Chris Evans has confirmed when the relaunched series will be back on the BBC. The presenter is currently filming for the new series, after landing the gig following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Chris EvansNew ‘Top Gear’ host Chris Evans.

Speaking on BBC show, 'Saturday Kitchen' with James Martin, Evans revealed that the show will return on May 5th, next year. The presenter also added that the team had "already started making the films" and that "the films are good".

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"We're going to America to make our first inter-continental in January [and we're] making another film next week,” Evans said. "By the time we hit the air on May 5, we'll have 32 films in the can as they say. "

Recently Evans was photographed filming for the new series with former world champion Formula One driver Jenson Button and the infamous Stig at the test track at the Dunsford Aerodrome. Evans was snapped in the passenger seat as Button took him for a ride in a McLaren 650S Spider.

The team have also been spotted filming a segment for the show at the Race of Champions at the Olympic Stadium, London. But the presenter recently spoke about how he finds it ‘weird’ to film for the show so many months in advance.

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"We started filming on Wednesday, which is a bit weird,” Evans said. “It means we're going to throw to that from our studio in May and we're going to have to be the same but different.” When the new ‘Top Gear’ debuts next year it will be facing competition from Jeremy Clarkson’s as-yet-untitled Amazon show, which is also set to launch sometime in 2016.