Samuel L. Jackson taught his fans to swear in 15 languages to encourage them to vote.

The 'Pulp Fiction' star had made the unique promise to urge people to make their voices heard in the upcoming US presidential election.

Earlier this week, he tweeted: ''Listen up - If 2500 of you click a voting action below to make sure you're #GoodToVote, I will teach you to swear in 15 different languages. Go to now! (sic)''

On Tuesday (15.09.20), the 71-year-old actor was back on social media wearing a face mask which said ''VOTE'', and a black t-shirt reading ''Your Voice Matters''.

Noting his fans ''showed up and showed out'' after his original message, he said: ''Now it's time for me to hold up my end of that bargain.

''Let's learn some cussin' in 15 different languages.''

Samuel had a series of cards with words in various languages, including Basque, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Swahili and Nepali.

He also taught his followers swear words in Icelandic, Jamaican Patois, Maori and Haitian.

Rounding off his special lesson, he revealed curse words in Bemba, Czech, Catalan, Thai, Esperanto and Brazilian Portuguese.

He added: ''Pass this on, make sure you get other people to register to vote, and make sure you go out and vote too.''

Meanwhile, Samuel's 'Avengers' co-star Chris Evans has jokingly used his own photo leak to encourage people to vote.

The 39-year-old actor made a lighthearted tweeted referencing his recent social media storm as he urged his fans to cast their vote.

Alongside a face palm and shrugging emoji, he tweeted: ''Now that I have your attention.... VOTE Nov 3rd!!! (sic)''

The controversy surrounding Chris erupted on Saturday (12.09.20), when he tried to share a video of his family playing the game Heads Up.

But the video he posted on Instagram Stories was actually a screen recording and when the clip came to an end, it revealed his camera roll on the phone.

The pictures included several images of Chris, the Heads Up video, and a photo of a penis.