It's Juan-uary on ABC's hit reality TV dating show The Bachelor as Chris Harrison welcomes new bachelor, soccer star Juan Pablo Galavis, as well as a host of eligible bachelorettes. Those who watched Desiree's season of The Bachelorette will of course remember single dad Juan Pablo even though he left pretty early on.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison Speaks About The Exciting New Season Of 'The Bachelor.'

Within minutes of the season premiere beginning, we were given a glimpse into Juan Pablo's world and saw a father devoted to his 4 year-old daughter, Camila. With family matters aside, there was but one thing on viewers minds, who overwhelmingly tweeted and shared photos of The Bachelor's new hunk, swooning over his good looks.

Alongside all the usual tears and tension, the series 18's first episode, which was broadcast last night, threw up a few unexpected surprises too. It's not unusual for the rose ceremonies to run not exactly to plan but the first episode saw one candidate move to accept a rose when she wasn't even called and another almost rejected her first impression rose.

Poor Kylie thought Juan Pablo called her name during the rose ceremony. Embarrassed on her behalf, Harrison spoke to TV Guide to explain exactly how the mix-up occurred. "It was horrible. It was late and he has an accent and he whispers, so he whispers "Kat" who is standing right behind Kylie and he looks right at Kylie, so she starts stepping forward," he said. "She was mortified. The only thing that made it worse was the fact that she didn't get a rose. [and] she was sent home," Harrison added.

Chris Harrison The Bachelor
Seems Like Chris Is Pretty Plpeased To Have Juan Pablo On Board.

On practically the other end of the scale, Sharleen almost didn't accept her proffered first impressions rose, stating she was "not seeing fireworks" but accepted it anyway to see how things pan out in coming weeks. "That was easily the first time someone has thought twice about the first impression rose and I'm glad we showed it the way it happened. [...] he's not the catch for everybody and not everyone is captivated," reasoned Harrison.

Aside from the rose ceremony dramas, the real talking point of Ep.1 was whether or not Juan Pablo's boob grab on Nikki was intentional or just a slip. When discussing the stand-out ladies from the episode, Harrison highlighted nurse Nikki and congratulated Juan Pablo. "Nikki came out and did the pediatric nurse thing and I'm pretty sure he felt her up. She put his hand on her boob, but I think she meant to put it on her heart so that was the smoothest move by far and we've never had anybody get to second base on Night 1," he marvelled.

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Harrison admits that at first he "was hesitant" to place Juan Pablo on the show because "culturally it's a very different show with him [and] He's also very family-oriented and his daughter is very important to him." However, after last night's episode, it's clear Harrison is excited for what Juan P can bring to the show. He said "There's more to life than a cute accent and good abs and therein lies what we're about to see this season."