Chris Hemsworth is rumoured to be in the reboot of 'Lethal Weapon'.

The 'Thor' actor has reportedly been offered a starring role in an upcoming remake of the action film, which starred Mel Gibson as reckless police officer Martin Riggs and earned itself three sequels due to its popularity, according to Tracking Board.

Whisperings of a fifth instalment have been rife over the last few years, but now that a reboot appears to be in the works at Warner Bros it's unclear whether it will follow on from where the last sequel left off, or whether it will feature an entirely different plot.

However, the current script reportedly involves the son of an elderly police man, believed to be based on Gibson's character, who wants to join the police force.

'Fast and Furious' director Justin Lin has also been linked with the project, due to his experience in helming big budget action films, and screenwriter and former detective Will Beall is said to be working on the current version of the script, although reports suggest that Shane Black - who penned the original films - has been offering advice on what direction the film should take.