Rocker Chris Isaak has found a way to stay sober - he kicks groupies out of shows if they offer him drugs or alcohol.
The singer is irritated by fans who try to befriend him after shows by trying to get him high, because the clean-living star has spent a lifetime avoiding drugs.
Isaak has now issued a warning to the drug-pushers, insisting he's not hesitant to show them the door.
He says, "I don't drink. I'm probably one of the few people that's never smoked pot. And I've never smoked a cigarette. It's funny because people come backstage and say, 'You wanna get high?' and I'm like, 'Let me show you the way out.'
"My idea of a good time isn't to go out to a bar because I don't drink, or to go out to clubs, because I play in clubs every night."