Chris Kattan's DUI charge came after the comedic actor slammed into a highway construction truck on a Los Angeles freeway early on Monday, a California Highway Patrol spokesman has said.

Chris KattanChris Kattan Suffered a Bloody Nose In The Crash

Kattan, 43, suffered a bloody nose in the crash though no workers were in the truck, said Officer Leland Tang.  "It could have been a lot worse," he added.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member failed sobriety tests at the scene and was subsequently booked on a DUI charge at the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys precinct. According to CNN, it is suspected that Kattan was under the influence of an unknown drug and Tang said a chemical test was conducted by police to help identity the substance. 

At the time of the incident, Kattan was driving a black 2011 Mercedes on the Ventura Freeway where a California Department of Transportation crew was working just before 2am. 

Despite the DUI charge, Kattan played down the incident on Twitter on Monday afternoon:

"Those concerned or just adding gossip: I'm fine, passed all tests, released without bail, have drivers license, cop offered to drive me home."

Chris KattanChris Kattan Defended Himself on Twitter

Kattan is best known for his recurring SNL characters Mr Peepers, Mango, Azrael Abyss, Kyle DeMarco, Gay Hutler and one half of the Butabi Brothers with Will Ferrell. Last month, he was the first contestant to be eliminated from Celebrity Chef, with Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray.