Chris Martin's only attempts at cooking have resulted in the fire service being called to their home.

The Coldplay frontman's wife Gwyneth Paltrow - with whom he has children Apple, eight, and Moses, six - has revealed he is such a hapless chef, he has only tried to make meals twice and both times resulted in fire scares.

Speaking on a forthcoming episode of 'Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club', she said: ''He has twice cooked a meal and this is not a joke - both times the fire brigade came. I swear on my life - both times.''

Despite Chris' lack of culinary skills, he doesn't need to worry about the nutrition of his family as Gwyneth, 40, is highly skilled in the kitchen.

Last year, the 'Iron Man' star released her own cook book 'My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness' and has previously revealed she sees herself as a traditional ''1950s housewife'' who puts looking after her family ahead of everything else.

She has said: ''I am very traditional, in a 1950s housewife way; cooking, making sure everyone's fed and everything's in order. I think that a wife has a responsibility to make a home and protect the family.

''I also believe that a wife should be able to do whatever she wants and work if she wants. My mother was a less traditional wife than me. She worked to support the family.''