Chris Martin's children serve him tea backstage at Coldplay concerts.

The rocker's two children with actress Gwyneth Paltrow - Apple, eight, and six-year-old Moses - think their dad has the cooler profession out of their parents because he allows them to hang out backstage during concerts and bring him drinks to soothe his vocal chords.

Quizzed on whether her kids were impressed with their parents' careers, Gwyneth said: ''They're not that impressed. I think they're more impressed with him because when he does these concerts they get to bring him his tea during the breaks and they think it's pretty fabulous.''

The 'Iron Man 3' star also revealed that she and Chris, 36, have struck a delicate balance to ensure they are both able to work and create a ''normal'' life for their youngsters.

She explained: ''We see each other all the time, actually. We work it out so that when I'm working, he's not, and the sort of vice versa thing. We try to keep it really normal for the kids and keep their routine really normal. We work around them. We're all together all the time.''

Despite having A-list parents, the 40-year-old actress insists Apple and Moses have a daily routine just like other families.

She said: ''My schedule is, I wake up, I take my kids to school, I come home and work for an hour, and then I exercise for an hour and a half. Then I work, pick my kids up from school and run them to various kickboxings and ballets. Then dinner, bedtime and bath. It's normal stuff unless we're travelling. It's a pretty solid routine.''