Coldplay dedicated a song to a dead fan at their Dublin concert on Saturday (08.07.17).

Jamie Kelly, from Rathfarnham, Dublin, met Chris Martin in the Irish capital ahead of the band's gig over the weekend and explained that he and his friend Susan Valentine had bought tickets but she died suddenly just one month later.

Jamie asked Chris to dedicate 'Fix You' to her and was thrilled when the Coldplay frontman agreed.

He told the Irish Independent: ''I got quite emotional telling the story. Chris gave me and my friend a big hug and pulled out two love badges from his pocket.

''He said no problem and that it was really nice to meet us and that he'd see us tomorrow night. He was just such a nice guy and had so much time for us.''

However, Jamie was disappointed when Chris didn't mention Susan after 'Fix You' but a few songs later he told the crowd: ''Put your phones up. This is for Susan''.

Jamie said: ''We couldn't believe it. It was just an amazing experience and I know Susan wasn't there but we honestly felt she was.

''Money can't buy that sort of thing. I wouldn't even class him as a celebrity. He's just a normal guy in a band. I've never met someone so nice.

''I knew Susan because I went to school with her kids. She was so genuine and a Coldplay fan through and through. I just know she was there in spirit.''