The directing duo has optioned the rights to the investigative franchise to document co-creator and host Sarah Koenig's findings as she investigates a new case.

Koenig and her co-creator and co-producer Julie Snyder will help to develop the small screen adaptation for chiefs at Fox 21 TV Studios.

"Chris and Phil take an unexpected approach to telling stories and that is so appealing to us at Serial," says Snyder. "They experiment. They don't mimic formulas. Developing a show with them is exciting because we feel like we speak the same language, only they're smarter than us."

The Serial podcast, a spin-off of NPR show This American Life, rose to popularity earlier this year (15) after Koenig looked into the 1999 murder of Maryland student Hae Min Lee and the ex-boyfriend who was imprisoned for her death.

The upcoming second series is set to study the Taliban capture of U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and his subsequent release.