Chris Moyles may have announced that he's leaving the BBC Radio One Breakfast show after eight years but he's clearly not content to go quietly. Last night (July 11, 2012), Metro reports, the outspoken radio DJ invited his replacement Nick Grimshaw for a drink, to welcome him to his new job. Over drinks, Chris suggested that Nick should join him on the show the next day, to discuss the new appointment on-air. Nick accepted the offer but clearly wasn't prepared for the prank that Moyles was about to play on him.

Mid-way through Grimshaw's appearance on the show, Moyles and his entire team all walked out of the studio, leaving Grimshaw on air, completely alone, with "just a microphone for company." He was heard to mutter "this is so cruel" before insisting to the listeners "Everyone's gone - this is not a hilarious on-air radio gag." Moyles also took the opportunity to make a dig at fellow Radio One Dj Greg James. Many had expected that Greg would be announced as Moyles' replacement when he left, meaning that Grimshaw landing the role was something of a surprise. Chris decided against sparing Greg's feelings, referring to him as Greg 'crying on his holiday' James.

Grimshaw has revealed that he nearly didn't get the Breakfast Show job, when he arrived late for a 9:30am morning meeting with the Radio One bosses and apologized by saying "I'm really sorry I'm late Ben, I just can't function in the morning." Luckily for Nick, they gave him the benefit of the doubt and gently explained that he was going to have to get used to getting up earlier, as he'd got the coveted morning show slot.