Nick Grimshaw received a baptism of fire some two months earlier than planned after a trip to the Bbc Radio One studios to be, he assumed, a guest on Chris Moyles breakfast show. However, he arrived to find the outgoing breakfast host taking his team and leaving his replacement to fend for himself, live on the air this morning.
Moyles has adopted a recognised "zoo"-like presentation of his show for years, using his team of producers, news reporters and writers around him to present the show along with him. However Grimshaw has been asked to present the show solo and so Moyles opted to give him an early chance to do just that. A clearly stunned Grimshaw told listeners "Everyone's gone - this is not a hilarious on-air radio gag . I've only been up for 20 minutes. This is cruel, really cruel." Desperately trying to fill air time he recounted how Moyles had met him the previous night and told him to come on the show and they'd have a really nice time.
Thankfully for Nick Grimshaw, Moyles did eventually return with the rest of the team, just long enough for him to feel awkward. The 38 year-old also joked that Grimshaw, known for his celebrity pals, would have Lily Allen, Alexa Chung, Miquita Oliver and Harry Styles from One Direction as his guests on the first week.