After eight years at the helm of Bbc Radio One's, Chris Moyles show, the station's listeners have said a fond farewell to the flagship show on the broadcast service. With eight years behind him, Moyles is the longest serving breakfast DJ in Radio One's history, he will be succeeded by Nick Grimshaw on September 24, 2012.

This morning's three-and-a-half-hour programme ended with a special 'goodbye song' recorded by his team, with many of the lyrics poking fun at the show and some of its more infamous moments, including the line; "We've had a lot of fun, we moaned when we were tired, and every single month we came close to being fired".

The show also featured messages from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Jamie Oliver, McFly and Terry Wogan, as well as receiving an overwhelming response from people contacting the Chris Moyles Twitter and those texting into the show, with close to 120,000 listeners sending an SMS to the DJ.

The self-appointed 'Saviour of Radio 1', became the most-listened-to radio host in 2010 when his audience numbers peaked at 7.9 million. In recent month his listenership has fallen to 6.93 million, with Chris Evans overtaking him on Radio Two. Grimshaw is being brought in to help draw in a younger audience after Moyles has been accused of being 'too old' for the station. Grimshaw, or 'Grimmy' as he is affectionately called, has also been brought in to play more music, as opposed to the talkative style of Moyles.