Actor Chris Noth is urging fans to get screened for diabetes.
The Sex and the City star has thrown his support the Ask. Screen. Know campaign, which encourages U.S. citizens to recognise the risk factors and symptoms of the life-altering disease and get tested for an early diagnosis.
Noth, who is not diabetic, reveals he first added his voice to the cause after a close friend fell victim.
He tells New York City's local TV station Ny1, "A friend of mine was seriously, seriously diabetic and he didn't know it... He had some of the obvious signs. He was obese, fatigued. I, at the time, just thought, 'Go to the gym, dude, go get in shape or something.'
"But another friend of ours who happened to be a doctor said, 'No, no, no, you've got to get screened, because this... it's not just that you are obese. There are other things about this that don't seem right.'"
Noth will front a series of promotional adverts for the campaign, which is sponsored by healthcare company Novo Nordisk.