Chris Noth is hoping for a big-screen reunion with his Sex And The City co-star Sarah Jessica Parker after learning she's been cast alongside him in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.
Parker is replacing Demi Moore as feminist icon Gloria Steinem in Lovelace, which also stars Noth - the actor who played her former onscreen lover, Mr. Big, in the hit TV series.
Noth insists he can't wait to re-team with Parker - and he hopes their characters will have a chance to interact.
He tells, "They should write us a scene. My character funds (1972 adult movie Deep Throat), so I should try to talk Gloria into a porn scene!
"It's a story chock-full of interesting characters. It's about the times that we lived in at the point (sic). It's about cutting through the myth. (Lovelace is) an enigma... It's an interesting look at what pornography was then and what it's become."