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5th March 2015

Fact: Actor Chris Noth is using a cane to help him get around as he struggles with a mystery limp. The Sex And The City star was photographed with the walking aid while out in New York City on Wednesday (04Mar15).

26th May 2010

Quote: "Everybody already wants Sex and the City three, four, and five... You know, if I'm in a wheelchair and they want Mr. Big, I'll be there!" Chris Noth wants to continue his role in the hit franchise for as long as possible.

14th May 2010

Fact: SEX & The City star Chris Noth underwent an intense holistic vegetarian diet at a Brazilian retreat to lose weight for the movie's sequel.

10th February 2010

Quote: "I sometimes call her Sarah. It is really Sarah Jessica. She gets annoyed with most people when they call her just Sarah. Luckily she gives me a dispensation on that!" Chris Noth rarely upsets his Sex And The City on-screen love Sarah Jessica Parker.

31st January 2010

Quote: "All actresses have someone working for them called a Vanity Person. Their job is to make sure that you look good at all times during filming. Most normal actors only have one person doing this job. But on Sex And The City all the stars had two, except for Kim (Cattrall) who had three." SEX AND THE CITY star Chris Noth reveals the secrets behind the movies.

30th December 2009

Quote: "I just finished 10 miles of cross-country skiing in 10 degrees below zero. You've got to love the cold. I'll probably be in bed exhausted." Actor Chris Noth admits he will probably be too tired to celebrate on New Year's Eve (31Dec09) because of his gruelling exercise regime to get in shape for the upcoming Sex And The City movie sequel.

25th June 2008

Quote: "From the reports that I've been getting it is all females in the audience and I know it is a movie that attracts women but guys are allowed to go to this movie. Guys, you won't be persecuted if you go to this movie." Sex And The City: THE MOVIE star Chris Noth is urging more men to go and see the film.

23rd June 2008

Quote: "I like my Martini's like I like my sex - dirty but not filthy." Sex And The City star Chris Noth on his favourite alcoholic drink.

13th May 2008

Quote: "Abso-f**king-lutely. It was like slipping into silk pyjamas. A nice, sexy feel." Actor Chris Noth on reprising his role of MR BIG for Sex And The City: THE MOVIE.

21st November 2007

Fact: Sex And The City star Chris Noth and his girlfriend TARA WILSON will welcome a baby boy in January (08).

27th September 2006

Quote: "I think it changed New York a bit - New York's become a big shoe store now, unfortunately." Chris Noth on the impact Sex And The City had on New York City.

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