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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Trailer

Jake has always been an ordinary boy but when he finds himself on a small island, things begin to happen that few people would be able to explain. His new friend, a beautiful young girl named Emma seems to be able to perform miraculous occurrences start to happen. 

Things become a little clearer - yet utterly more baffling - when he's taken to meet Miss Peregrine at her exceptional orphanage for children. As Jacob is quick to learn, each of Miss Peregrine's kids has a special ability, something unique to them. Emma can control oxygen and must wear hefty boots to keep her feet firmly attached to the ground, whilst Bronwyn is a little girl with incredible physical strength. 

Miss Peregrine is the protector of the children and acts as their matriarch. To keep them safe she's formulated a way of manipulating time to keep the kids away from dangerous monsters who hunt them down - however, as the dark forces become stronger the Children are placed in more and more danger - unbeknownst to Jacob, perhaps he holds the key to keeping his new friends safe. 

Is Bill Murray's Performance Strong Enough To Save 'St. Vincent' From Critics' Sneers?

Bill Murray Melissa McCarthy Naomi Watts Chris O'Dowd

Critics have plenty to say about St. Vincent, the soon-to-be-released comedy drama written and directed by Theodore Melfi, but not all of it is as positive as the film.

Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy
Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy star in St. Vincent.

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National Theater Live To Bring 'Of Mice & Men', Starring James Franco, To US Cinemas

James Franco Chris O'Dowd Leighton Meester

Missed out on James Franco starring as George in the recent Broadway adaptation of John Steinbeck's 1937 tale Of Mice and Men? Don't despair as the National Theater Live is bringing the show from the stage to the screen and broadcasting recorded performances at cinemas around the US and Canada.

James Franco
James Franco at the photocall for Of Mice and Men.

Read More: James Franco Uses Venice Film Festival To Shoot Scenes For New Movie Sporting A Shaven, Tattooed Head.

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The Geek TV Shows We're Not Afraid To Love

Adam Brody Game Of Thrones Chris O'Dowd Richard Ayoade Doctor Who Peter Capaldi George Takei Zachary Levi Mary McDonnell Judd Hirsch

Geeks: once the deeply awkward and much-maligned members of society- ridiculed by Jocks and long stereotyped on TV and film as socially inept weaklings with a love of bow ties, thick-rimmed glasses and high-waisted slacks. But oh how things have changed. Ever since Adam Brody’s intensely loveable Seth Cohen appeared on screens in the mid noughties as the lonely, quick-witted, Death Cab For Cutie loving geek on The O.C, the tables have been well and truly turned. ‘Geek Chic’ prevails, the once laughable clothing choices of society’s most brainy and introverted have been re-appropriated by the masses. Everyone is falling over themselves to replicate a look that twenty years ago would have posited the wearer of such garments as a human punch-bag for meat-headed bullies.

Adam Brody Attends Premiere Adam Brody has been credited with helping makes geeks cool through his O.C character Seth Cohen

In the world of TV, sci-fi shows such as Star Trek and Stargate are geek staples but the recent role reversal of geeks as the cultural vanguard posits fantastical shows that would have more likely been derided several years ago as universally acclaimed hits. Game Of Thrones is arguably the biggest TV show in the world whilst The Big Bang Theory, which maintains the long-held geek stereotypes has made veritable superstars of its cast. Here then, is a list of those geeky TV shows that we just can’t get enough of.

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James Franco To Direct 'The Long Shrift' At Rattlesticks Playwrite Theatre

James Franco Chris O'Dowd

Clearly James Franco is not busy enough currently starring in the Broadway revival of Of Mice and Men. The actor/film director/writer/producer/lecturer/social media fiend has now decided to become a theatre director.

James Franco The Long Shrift Franco is currently starring alongside Chris O'Dowd in a Broadway production of Of Mice and Men

Franco is set to direct Robert Boswell’s The Long Shrift in New York this summer. The play, which is about a man who is released from jail after he was accused of rape in his teens, will launch the 20th anniversary of the Rattlestick Playwrights theatre, which is based in the West Village. The production will star Ahna O’Reilly, Brian Lally, Scott Haze, Allie Gallerani and Ally Sheedy. Haze appeared in Franco’s 2013 film As I Lay Dying, based on William Faulkner’s 1930 novel.

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"Gentleman's Guide", "Hedwig" Lead Tony Nominations

Neil Patrick Harris Hugh Jackman Chris O'Dowd Idina Menzel Bryan Cranston

It’s Tony season!  The night of gratuitous musical numbers is almost upon us. The nominations were announced on Tuesday and this year, they feature a couple of new names. The nominees list includes Tony vets Neil Patrick Harris and Audra McDonald, but one of the biggest new names on the list is Bryan Cranston.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston is moving from the Emmys straight into the Tonys.


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'Of Mice And Men' Brings Out Broadway Talents Of James Franco, Chris O'Dowd

James Franco Chris O'Dowd Leighton Meester

Of Mice And Men premiered on Broadway last night, giving critics a chance to cast their eyes over Anna D. Shapiro's all-star adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic 1937 play. Lead actors James Franco, Chris O'Dowd and Leighton Meester may feel more comfortable in front of a lens on a big budget Hollywood set but their roles in this Depression-era drama serve to show their dramatic prowess extends beyond the glitzy confines of tinseltown.

Of Mice And Men Cast
The 'Of Mice And Men' Cast Premiered Their Production On Broadway Last Night.

The NY Times focusses on the lead trio's performances and hasn't a bad word to say about any of the Broadway newbies' theatre turns: "O'Dowd ("Bridesmaids") is such a likable and endearing actor that he automatically brings goodwill to a role," says Joe Dziemianowicz, adding "Franco's confident, straightforward, no-frills performance works just right. He can do a lot with a look" and "Meester brings out the yearning and sadness of the unnamed wife."

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After BAFTA Nominations, We Remember 'The I.T Crowd'

Richard Ayoade Chris O'Dowd Noel Fielding

In 2006 'The I.T Crowd' welcomed us into the basement of Reynholm Industries to meet Moss, Roy and Jen and make sure we’d ‘tried switching it on and off again' first. The successful Channel 4 comedy brought us four series of laughs and ridiculous scenarios before bidding us goodbye with a special episode late last year. Entitled, ‘The Internet Is Coming’, its just picked up four BAFTA nominations, including one for best sitcom, giving a fitting tribute to one of the decades funniest and unique sitcoms.

Richard Ayoade played Moss in the IT Crowd Richard Ayoade played Maurice Moss in the 'IT Crowd'

Created by Graham Linehan, one half of the duo that gave us 'Father Ted', the 'IT Crowd' delved in to the world of computer nerdom, celebrating it in a way that British television had never seen before. Set in the IT department of Reynholm Industries, confined to the building’s basement, Jen, played by Katherine Parkinson served as our guide into the world of computers and the internet, even though she didn't know what IT stood for. Jen was faced with the role of being relationship manager to Moss and Roy, the socially inept IT technicians who would fix any computer problem in their own time and if they could be bothered. The two best friends, played by Richard Ayoade and Chris O’Dowd were bonded together by their love of computer games and all things geeky and also the fact that no one else could really put up with them.

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Chris O'Dowd's Wife Dawn O'Porter Up For Major Children's Book Prize

Chris O'Dowd

Dawn O'Porter, the wife of actor Chris O'Dowd (who called X-Factor fans racist this week), has been nominated for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2014 for her debut teen novel Paper Aeroplanes. Best known for her documentaries on body image, O'Porter's book was inspired by her experienced growing up in Guernsey.

Dawn O'Porter Paper AeroplanesDawn O'Porter at a Waterstones Photocall for 'Paper Aeroplanes'

Other nominees include Call the Midwife actress Emerald Fennell and performance poet Laura Dockrill for their books Shiverton Hall and Darcy Burdock. The 'age 5-12' category - which also includes Piers Torday, Sandra Greaves and Katherine Rundell - is led by the director and screenwriter Soman Cainani who will surely be considered the favourite for The School For Good and Evil, a New York Times bestseller that has already been picked up by Universal Pictures.

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X-Factor Viewer? Yeah, Chris O'Dowd Thinks You're A Racist.

Chris O'Dowd The X Factor

The Bridesmaids actor Chris O'Dowd says he is a "big x factor fan" though feels for black contestants because the "the viewing public is so racist." The 34-year-old made the comment during an interview to the Radio Times, saying, "Generally my favourites go out in the first few weeks and, of course, because the viewing public is so racist, all the black, strong singers go out in round five."

Chris O'DowdChris O'Dowd Thinks YOU'RE A RACIST, X Factor Viewer.

Last year's contestant Hannah Barrett had received racist abuse while appearing on the show and spoke out about the importance of addressing the issues of race and appearance in the music industry.

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James Franco, Chris O'Dowd, Broadway, 'Of Mice And Men' - Sounds Good Doesn't It?

James Franco Chris O'Dowd

The legendary John Steinbeck novel, Of Mice and Men doesn’t exactly need translating to a younger audience, considering most study it in English lessons across the Western World, but putting a Hollywood golden boy and comedy funster on a Broadway adaptation of it certainly seems like something to get excited about.

James FrancoJames Franco will play Of Mice and Men's George

It doesn’t take a genius to work out who’s playing whom, but we’ll spell it out anyway. Franco will take on the role of George, an aspirational man during the dilapidated period of the great depression. Quick-witted and confident, George is always thinking of ways to change his own situation.

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Ben Foster Playing Lance Armstrong Alongside Chris O'Dowd In Cycling Biopic

Ben Foster Chris O'Dowd

The remarkable story of the rise and fall of cyclist Lance Armstrong will be translated in a new feature-length biopic directed by Stephen Frears. The glory of Armstrong's triumph over testicular cancer and subsequent Tour de France wins in the 90s has been overshadowed by the shame that accompanied him being stripped of all seven of his consecutive titles last year due to doping evidence.

Ben Foster
Ben Foster To Play Lance Armstrong.

The movie will chart Armstrong's rise and fall as a sportsman as well as the vociferous work of journalist David Walsh to expose doping within the sport. Written by regular Danny Boyle collaborator John Hodge ('Trance'), the movie will be based on Walsh's book, Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong.

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Ben Foster To Play Lance Armstrong In Biopic, Chris O'Dowd, His Nemesis, David Walsh

Ben Foster Chris O'Dowd Alex Gibney Lance Armstrong

Ben Foster will play the part of Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frear’s biopic, and he will be joined by Chris O’Dowd, who’ll play journalist David Walsh, who campaigned tirelessly to expose the biggest cheating scandal in the world of sport, Deadline report.

Ben FosterChris Dowd
Ben Foster and Chris O'Dowd will both star in the untitled biopic

Foster, while bearing a resemblance to the disgraced cyclist, has seen his reputation grow of late with performances in Kill Your Darlings – alongside Daniel Radcliffe - and Lone Survivor, which also stars Mark Wahlberg. The Irish actor O’Dowd has become a household name stateside due to his performances in Bridesmaids and the popular sitcom, Girls.

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Thor: The Dark World - Featurette

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston talk about the upcoming 'Thor: The Dark World' in a short featurette revealing a snippet of what the film will bring to the Marvel film franchise on its release on October 30th 2013.

'Thor is the God of Thunder, he's from a place called Asgard which is within the nine realms in another universe', Chris explains, with Tom adding, 'Thor's brother, Loki, is this mischievous prince. At the end of 'Avengers', Thor takes them back to Asgard.' They explain that the movie picks up from events that happened in 'Avengers Assemble', but this time they are 'bound together on the same journey with the same goal'.

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The Sapphires Receives Good US Reviews Ahead Of Debut Weekend

Chris O'Dowd

It’s been knocking around for a few months now, so much so that we reviewed it back at the end of last year, but Chris O’Dowd-starring Wayne Blair-directed The Sapphires is finally gaining a limited-run release in US cinemas this weekend, after a series of film festival appearances, and it looks like the American critics are more than ready to take to the true story adaptation.

The story is based around four Australian Aborigine girls who sing together, the quartet discovering new things about themselves, their friendships and wider issues with the world when they are picked up by a scouting agent (O’Dowd) and end up performing in front of US troops at the Vietnam war in 1968. Rolling Stone wrote of the film, “You could call it an Aussie Dreamgirls. I'd call it a blast of joy and music that struts right into your heart.” Bloomberg News meanwhile comments “Not even sweet soul music can turn Vietnam circa 1968 into a feel-good trip, but "The Sapphires" tries its darnedest,” while the New York Post adds “For the most part Aussie director Wayne Blair's feature debut is snappy and fresh.”

Chris O'Dowd

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Spinal Tap Mark II? Christopher Guest And Chris O’Dowd For 2013 Improv Comedy

Chris O'Dowd Christopher Guest

Chris O’Dowd will star in a new ‘mockumentary’ from Spinal Tap star Christopher Guest. Guest, who played the hapless Nigel Tufnell in the rock comedy Spinal Tap, has good form when it comes to semi-improvised, faux-documentary comedy such as this. He also worked on Best In Show, the applauded comic dog show movie and now, the BBC have snapped him up to write, direct and star in a new series, Family Tree. The series follows the story of 30 year old Tom Chadwick (played by O’Dowd), who suffers an identity crisis after losing his girlfriend and job.

The series will require actors to improvise material, as Chadwick gains a “growing sense of who he is,” after receiving a mysterious box of possessions from a great aunt that he never knew he had, The Independent reports. Janice Hadlow, the Controller at BBC2, said “I am delighted to welcome Christopher Guest to BBC Television. It will be his first television series for British audiences and one I am proud to have here on the BBC. It has a stellar cast led by the fantastic Chris O’Dowd and is an exciting collaboration with NBCU International and HBO. Family Tree will form a key part of the channel’s comedy next year.”

O’Dowd has become hot property in the comedy world, after his role in the hit movie Bridesmaids. When asked about working with Christopher Guest, he said “I’m terribly excited and monumentally under-qualified to work on an improvised show with Chris Guest. I call him Chris ‘coz we are friends. He calls me George. I don’t know why.”

Stand Up To Cancer, Shoot Your Wife For Cancer, Give Money To Cancer

Gwyneth Paltrow Twiggy Coleen Mcloughlin Maggie Smith Chris O'Dowd

Shoot your wife for cancer? It may seem a bit extreme, but Dawn Porter and her husband Chris O'Dowd from the IT Crowd, are making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of a good cause. That's right Chris O'Dowd will shoot his wife for the cause... with a paint pellet. If Dowd shoots his wife, Stand Up To Cancer will get a massive £10,000!

The entire affair is an extravagantly star studded event, and celebs have done a whole host of things to support it from pulling the trigger on their better halves, to donating a pair of shoes for the public to wear. The Telegraph reported on Tuesday (Oct 16th) that the public could try on the shoes of "Gwyneth Paltrow, Davina McCall, Twiggy, Sir Chris Hoy, Coleen Rooney and Dame Maggie Smith" in Leicester Square for one day only, before being sold in a silent auction that ends on Friday.

Plus, Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory has jumped on board to lend his support, by giving an earnest plug before every showing on Channel 4 and its sister channel E4. And you can see him supporting the cause in a hilarious music video called Up2 You + Me on YouTube.

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The Sapphires Trailer

Four indigenous Australian women, sisters Gail, Cynthia and Julie and their cousin Kay, are ambitious country and western musicians in 1968 that set out to become stars in the wake of a political bill that increased the rights of the Aborigine people. Following a singing contest in rural Australia, a whiskey drinking Irish musician Dave Lovelace sees their potential and sets out to turn the girls into soul singing global sensations. Although apprehensive at first, the group (known as The Sapphires) soon begin to warm to Lovelace, especially when he manages to secure them a gig performing for US soldiers in Vietnam. It soon becomes a life-changing journey for them as they learn the true importance of friendship, family and bravery.

Continue: The Sapphires Trailer

This Is 40 Trailer

'This Is 40' is a spin-off of 2007 film 'Knocked Up' and surrounds the lives of husband and wife Pete and Debbie. Debbie is the sister of Alison, the woman who the 'Knocked Up' main protagonist Ben gets pregnant after a one night stand. Debbie's own tempestuous relationship with Pete is touched upon in this film when she and him separate briefly after she finds out he keeps disappearing at strange hours to play fantasy baseball thus finding an escape from married life. 'This Is 40' follows their marriage in more depth some years on. Debbie is turning forty and is generally depressed about life let alone her marriage, Pete is finding more ways to escape and their kids are going through difficult stages.

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Friends With Kids Review

With a hilariously smart script and a terrific cast, this romantic comedy rises far above the pack, engaging us emotionally and intellectually while offering some telling observations on the state of modern relationships.

Jason (Scott) and his best friend Julie (Westfeldt) are a bit horrified when their coupled pals Leslie and Alex (Rudolph and O'Dowd) and Ben and Missy (Hamm and Wiig) have children. So they decide to have a child without the baggage of a relationship, freeing them to find the right person once they're already single parents. Their baby son is adorable, and raising him brings them closer as friends while allowing them to pursue romances with the hot Mary Jane (Fox) and the sexy Kurt (Burns). But no one else is buying it.

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Friends With Kids Trailer

Jason and Julie are single thirty-something Manhattanites. They've been best friends since college but aren't remotely attracted to each other.

Continue: Friends With Kids Trailer

Chris O'Dowd, Interview

Interview with Chris O'Dowd for Bridesmaids 23 June 2011

In Britain, Chris O'Dowd is best known as Roy in the hit TV sitcom The IT Crowd, and he proved his serious acting chops this year in the small-screen period drama The Crimson Petal and the White. Meanwhile, he has quietly been making inroads in Hollywood, starring opposite Steve Carell in Dinner for Schmucks, Jack Black in Gulliver's Travels and now Kristen Wiig in this summer's surprise hit Bridesmaids. Next year he'll appear in two more big comedies, reteaming with Wiig for Friends With Kids and costarring in the Knocked Up spin-off This Is Forty.

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Bridesmaids Trailer

When Annie's best friend Lillian tells her that she's getting married, she's more than obliged to act as maid of honour. There's certain duties any maid of honour must fulfil and Annie is about to learn the hard way.

Continue: Bridesmaids Trailer

Dinner for Schmucks Trailer

Tim loves his job, and he knows that any employee who wishes to climb the executive ladder may have to do things that they're not morally comfortable with; when Tim is invited to dinner by his boss he's elated but when it's revealed his dining partner won't be his fiancé Julie, he must find a 'remarkable' person to take to dinner, the person with the most impressive guest is rewarded with work benefits. After speaking with Julie, Tim decides he's going to take the moral highroad and give dinner a miss but when he accidentally hits a man in his Porsche, he can't believe how perfect this guy would be for the meal.

Continue: Dinner for Schmucks Trailer

The Boat That Rocked Trailer

Legal radio stations in 1960's Britain weren't exactly what you'd call interesting to listen to if you were part of the hip young generation. 2 hours of rock was their weekly limit. 

Continue: The Boat That Rocked Trailer

Chris O'dowd

Chris O'dowd Quick Links

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Chris O'Dowd

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