Chris Pine says 'Jack Ryan' is completely different to other spy movies.

The 32-year-old actor stars as the titular hero in the action packed reboot of Tom Clancy's famous franchise and he says his character is nothing like other famous spies including James Bond and Jason Bourne.

He said: ''It's different from Bourne. Jack's a brain. His greatest gift is his smarts and his wit. He's physical but in a completely different way.''

Chris admitted he is apprehensive about playing the spy and says recent terrorist attacks including the 9/11 atrocity are going to have a big influence on his role.

He told Total Film magazine: ''It's one thing to be a spy in the Cold War battling the Russians but it's a whole different thing to be a spy in 2012 having witnessed 9/11 and what happened since then.

''You have to be much more delicate in portraying an American CIA agent. I think it also gives a good opportunity to build a really good thriller with the intelligence of something like 'Syriana' that really deals with the world we live in.''

'Jack Ryan' is being directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh and is set to be released in December 2013.