Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is the fifth Jack Ryan film to be released since Tom Clancy's fictional CIA badass first made the leap to the big screen in Hunt For Red October 23 years ago. The film was directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Pine and Keira Knightley, with Branagh and Kevin Costner also appearing in the picture.

Chris Pine Kevin Costner
Chis Pine (R) and Kevin Costner (L) keep things confidential in the new film

The film differs from past 'Ryan' outings, going back to the very beginnings of Ryan's career when he was a young CIA analyst trying to juggle his high octane profession and his marriage to Cathy (Knightley), who he met three years ago and who is completely oblivious to what he does for a living. Things take a turn for the unexpected with Ryan when he finds himself as the target in an assassin attempt, at which point he discovers a devious plot involving Russian terrorists to launch a major attack across the globe, invariably damaging various major cities in the world in a bid to destroy the US economy.

When Ryan is sent to Moscow to stop the conspiracy from unfolding, he finds that himself with more on his plate than he initially hoped for when his wife follows him and discovers that her husband doesn't really have that boring office job he's been telling her about.

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Following the death of Tom Clancy earlier this week, there is renewed pressure on the film to deliver to audiences, as it hopes to pay respect to the legacy of the late author. The character of Jack Ryan first appeared in his 1984 debut novel The Hunt for Red October, appearing on screen six years later. He has since been depicted by four different actors, including Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and now Chris Pine.

From producer Mace Neufeld, who has produced every Jack Ryan title to date, and with director Kenneth Branagh working with a script from screenwriters David Koepp (Spiderman, Jurassic Park) and first-timer Adam Cozad, the film promises to bring renewed interest in the Ryan character and serve as an appropriate memorial for the late Clancy. It is due in cinemas on 25 December 2013 in the USA and a day later in the UK.

Shadow Recruit
The film is out at Christmas