Star Trek Into Darkness eased its way to the top of the box office charts upon its American release this weekend, but it failed to hit the targets set by the money people, and the standards set by its predecessor.

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It nabbed an estimated $70.6m in the three-day period, add to that the early release, and it totalled a domestic haul of $84.1m. This doesn’t make for a pleasant read when you compare it to the last Star Trek film, which managed $86.7m in the same period of time. It’s a strong debut, no doubt, but it remains disappointing given the predictions were higher, and a triple A sequel should always outgun its predecessor. Paul Dergarabedian, an analyst for box-office tracker “It's a very specific brand, but I think the general public would love this movie, because it's such an action movie. But to get a hundred-million-plus opening weekend, unless you're `Twilight,' you really have to cross over to all audiences.” It does have the potential to build upon this wobbly start, though; Paramount are hoping they can surpass the $385 million worldwide total of Star Trek. “I think we're well along on that road,” Don Harris, Paramount's head of distribution, said.

Chris PinePine plays the legendery Capt. Kirk in Star Trek

Into Darkness toppled Iron Man 3 form the top of the charts. The third outing for Tony Stark in his metal suit has been a huge success, though. It took the Box Office table for its first two weeks, and by its third, despite being usurped, it still managed $35.2m. This means a worldwide gross of $1.1b, taking it into the top 20 all-time grossing films. Fine company indeed!