Chris Pratt's ram Prince Rupert has passed away.

The 41-year-old actor has revealed it was a ''solemn day'' at his ranch home on Thursday (25.06.20), as his pet ram named Prince Rupert passed away.

Alongside a black and white photo of himself and the ram on Instagram, Chris wrote: ''It's a solemn day at #StillwaterRanch as Prince Rupert the ram passed away. He took his final rest # right next to the still water of the lake under a 100 year old apple tree. I'm very sad. I was the only one who could wrestle him down to clip his hooves. He was a big cuddler and sported the thickest most beautiful chocolate coat.

''He will live on in our hearts and at the farm as many of his lambs will enter the flock this year. (sic)''

Chris has been keeping fans updated about life on Stillwater Ranch in recent days, as he took to Instagram this week to reveal the farm had welcomed an adorable calf named BOGO, who came as a surprise because Chris didn't know its mother was pregnant.

He wrote: ''Meet BOGO. Our newest member to the friendly kingdom at #StillwaterRanch She was a surprise! A miracle really! Mama heifer was one of our working ladies. She came to us recently to dine on our fine summer grass. Well one night recently she hopped the electric fence, climbed up to a special point on the ranch called ''Shepard's Rock'' and dropped this little miracle.

''We didn't even know she was pregnant!!! Maybe she wasn't! Maybe it was immaculate conception! ARE YOU READY FOR A MIRACLE!? Cue gospel music!!! Nonetheless. BOGO (buy one get one) and Mama will now both join the friendly kingdom. They will be Baby Gurl's new best friends for life! Along with Tim and Faith, Cotton and Henry, Meg, 6 and our angora beauties. (sic)''

Chris lives on the farm with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, and the couple will soon be welcoming a baby of their own into the world, as the 30-year-old author is currently expecting their first child.